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NET Remedies

NET Remedies #25 Yin/Yang Balance 2 fl. oz.

NET Remedies #25 Yin/Yang Balance 2 fl. oz.

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NET Remedies #25 Yin/Yang Balance supports both men and women.

Yin/Yang Balance can also offer support for:

  •  Weight issues
  • Fatigue/chronic tiredness
  • Mood/emotional swings
  • Lack of libido
  • Stress related symptoms
  • Skin and hair changes
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hormonal-related depression
  • Prostate-related conditions
  • Monthly female discomfort
  • Loss of strength
  • Loss of body hair

Directions: Spray 9-12 pumps (approximately 1/2 tsp.) directly in mouth 3 times a day or as directed by a licensed health care practitioner. When appropriate also spray externally on complaint area 3 times daily.

Active Ingredients: Contains equal volumes of the following official homeopathic drug products, manufactured according to HPUS standards in 12X, 30X, 100X, and LM1 potencies:

Adamas, Agaricus musc, Agnus, Aletris, Angelica sin, Arg nit, Amica, Avena, Baryta, Graphites, Kali brom, Kreosotum, Lycopodium, Ocimum sanc, Phosphoricum ac, Selenium, Sepia, Thuja occ.

Inactive Ingredients: Citric acid, Potassium sorbate, Pure water.

Helps support androgen and estrogen balance Provides extra support for metabolism issues, low energy, related lower-back discomfort and chronic problems in shoulders, knees, hands, etc.

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