About Us

In the spring of 2006, a man had a vision that would change healthcare forever.  He understood that the world was perfectly positioned for a paradigm shift in medicine and healthcare. People were starting to search for a more excellent way in the art of healing and being healed. As truth emerged through natural and consequence of a fed up pill popping drug reliant society, collective thoughts came together in a business called Nielsen Holistic.  Doctor Brandon Lee Nielsen wanted something different that would appeal to all people — including those who knew nothing of natural healing and those who were considered experts in the field.

He asked himself some defining questions: "What if we could create a company that would turn medicine and hospitals on their heads and approach healing naturally first?"  In fact some of the original names tossed around were the name Hospital spelled backwards "Latipsoh," but ultimately the name Nielsen Holistic was chosen.  Nielsen for the heritage of Danish ancestors that came to America in hopes of something better for their families.  "It is to honor our roots and the path that they embarked on to be here in America.  It is to remember where we have come from and the heritage of hope, desire, and determination that has created the legacy of where we are today, and the greatness of tomorrow, says Dr. Nielsen."  

Holistic - from the approach that we are holistic beings.  The mind and body are connected, you cannot treat the brain or any part of the body without it affecting all other organs glands and tissues.  "What if we could take the top professional supplement companies in the world and partner with them to provide the common family with the same products and programs offered only in a clinical setting?"   "What if we could source, test, and manufacture our own quality pharmaceutical grade products, equally pure and potent as the professional company, but at a price that everyone could afford?"  "What if we could help 1 million families become self-reliant, in health, wealth and relationships?"  "What if we were able to change the world?"  "Why not?"  

Dr. Nielsen concluded that by educating, empowering, and enlightening, Dr. Mom, Dad, and the Rising Generations the world would and could shift one soul at a time.  With that vision, the first patient seen under this business was March 24, 2006.  

In addition to the ongoing development of new products, proprietary nutritional supplements and life changing programs, future Nielsen Holistic product offerings will include disease prevention and the opportunity to change the family in wealth.

Nielsen Holistic products and programs are sold to the professional, "Dr. Mom", and the average person just beginning their quest in the shift to health.  We do not claim we have the only products and programs on earth to be the end all cure for all diseases known to the human race, but rather search out the best of the world and offer those products and programs along with our own dose of nature and touch of science to the global market.  We forsee having Teams throughout the world working in their professional offices, working from home, marketing through websites, and person-to-person improving the opportunity and diversity of the options to choose from in health.  We truly are on a mission to Restore the Health of the FAMILY!

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