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Inno-Vita Heart-Flo™ -- 60 veggie capsules - Cardiovascular Irrigation

Inno-Vita Heart-Flo™ -- 60 veggie capsules - Cardiovascular Irrigation

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Inno-Vita Heart-Flo™ -- 60 veggie capsules - Cardiovascular Irrigation

  • Provides nutrients for the cardiac muscle.
  • Helps body’s own ability to contract the heart muscle.
  • Provides “Chi” energy for the never-resting heart movements.
  • On cellular levels, Heart-Flo helps balance macro, micro minerals, and ion exchanges.

Inno-Vita's Heart-Flo™  provides vital herbal based nutrients to help maintain cardiovascular irrigation and optimal heart rate by helping to stimulate heart. Also, provides Chi energy for the non-stop heart muscle.

Why Inno-vita? No other health care product providers have combined the processes of blending ancient herbal formulas with cutting edge genetic science, free of the use of questionable animal gland based medicines. Inno-vita manufactures the highest quality nutritional supplements and have created a new product line sold exclusively through certified health care professionals. Using innovative technology Inno-vita has created formulas with genetic amino acid sequences modeled after a healthy human being, called FormCodes™, which have replaced the use of animal glandulars. Inno-vita supplements have proven to be carefully balanced and powerful products. They have been tested to help with therapeutic changes to hormonal and tissue health. Above all else, Inno-vita products have been engineered to heal. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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