You - When?

The seconds, minutes, and hours have passed you by.  Days have turned months and years into you.  And you are still you. You always had this passion, this fire deep inside, a meaningful mission that you buried because of life.  A drive to do something and be somebody great, but you are just you.  My friend, there is nothing wrong with you.  Today is a new day to be you all over again.  You are amazing, you are creative, and you, and only you have certain talents, gifts and blessed abilities that you were sent here to magnify and deliver to the world.  So many people are counting on you.  We need you, but this work will role forth regardless of you.  You can do this, you can make a difference, because you were saved for this time, now!  It is up to you!  It is simply a daily choice.  And by and by and through and through you too can be a champion.  Turning your sorrows into stepping stones, your trials into triumphs and your losses into love of God and men.