Holistic Mom Academy Summit - The ultimate training for the Holistic Family. Are you an Aunt, Mother, Grandmother, or individual who wants to learn the key concepts of a holistic family?

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Holistic Mom Academy Summit -  
The ultimate training for the Holistic Family.  Are you an Aunt, Mother, Grandmother, or individual who wants to learn the key concepts of a
holistic family!

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From Dr. Nielsen
Dr. Nielsen - Now is the time
"It has been said in days past that Dad is the head of the home and Mom is the heart of the home. I have some news for you, Mom is also the neck of the home.  The neck turns the head.  She is the nurturer that helps point the home in the right direction."
If you look up the word holistic it means: relating to or concerned with complete systems rather than with individual parts - the idea that the whole is more than merely the sum of its parts. Therefore let us come together as a team and accomplish something that we couldn't do on our own!"
Case Study that I have been conducting the past 5 years...
The case study I have been conducting comes down to truth.  Although this case study will not appear in any peer reviewed medical journal, which you don't read anyway, the conclusions are beneficial for family and personal health.  
This case study consists of 2 parts.  It has been a simple survey case study conducted in a formal and non-formalsetting, both in the clinic and people who I have come into contact when the topic of the case study arises.  
The first part of the case study deals with the question of why people are stopping prescriptions, why they are quitting medicine, and going to a more natural approach.  
The second part deals more strictly with mothers and familes where given the option to treat their family with prescription drugs or natural rememedies which would they choose.  Drugs vs Natural
If you monitor or even happen to notice the trends in healthcare you will simply agree that there is a more abundant push towards "alternative or natural" and a push-back from traditional westernized medicine and prescription drugs. 
Seven years ago I taught an all women seminar.  Towards the end of the seminar one of the attendees asked me the reason I had only taught that particular seminar to a female audience.  In the past I had always taught to a mixed audience.  I briefly thought about what I would say and gave her an answer that satisfied the question.  Since that time I have pondered upon that question and have searched for a more thorough answer for myself?  
Again and again I have pondered that question?  Why did I teach that particular seminar to women only?  
Five years ago I started noticing a pattern happening among patients and other people that I would talk to in social settings who knew or became aware that I was a holistic doctor.  The person would get close to me and approach as if they were going to tell me a secret.  They would lower their voice and say, "Dr. Nielsen I didn't fill my prescription." I felt like I was the Pope and they were confessing to me.  Or the other phrase I started hearing was, "I'm not going to take those drugs anymore - they don't work!"  Because of my physician background I started asking questions.  Here are some of the most common answers I received:
Have you seen the side effects of this drug?
I think the drugs are keeping me up at night.
It doesn't work!
I can't feel God anymore.
I go to my medical doctor for answers and he gives me a drug.  
What I heard the majority of these patients and common people saying was, "I want answers and I want results, but medicine and drugs are not working.  Can you please help?"  
The second part of the case study conducted was to ask mothers this question: If they were given the choice between giving their family, especially their children, drugs or a natural remedy which one would they choose?
Here were the responses:
Among those who were already familiar with alternative therapies, the response was 100% without any question that they would and are already using natural remedies in place of prescription drugs.  
The response among women who were less familiar with natural remedies or holistic doctors was also 100% in favor of using natural remedies in place of prescription drugs. However, the majority of these mothers did not understand that it was an option to treat diseases and health conditions naturally. Their follow up questions were usually them asking a question about the actual possibilities and effectiveness of such natural alternatives.  
When briefly educated on the possibility of receiving natural remedies that were with minimal to no side effects but would work as favorably as prescription drugs, all women wanted to use something in the place of prescription drugs.  
Quite frankly this case study became more educational to an eye opening realization that we inherently seek after that which truth.  Mothers especially seek after answers and positive results for the well-being of their family, especially their kids.   
Here were some additional follow-up questions and comments that were asked by the mother.  
If I could use a natural remedy in place of a prescription drug - I would do that.  
One other frequent question that is often asked:  Does insurance cover this?  The answer to that question is sometimes yes sometimes no. Over the past 10 years of a clinical setting, coverage is through an HSA Health Savings Account or through an insurance plan that covers such alternative therapies like chiropractic or naturopathic medicine.  Historically we have seen that 80% of doctor visits
We need to flip this number on its head and see that 80% of unnecessary doctor visits drop down to 20% and that medicine is used for emergency situations.  80% of non-emergent situations should be handled in the home or by a natural holistic doctor. 
Conclusion: Taking into consideration the doctrination of Westernized Medicine in America it is my belief that the reason Americans are opting out of medicine and drugs is simply because they are not providing patients with the answers that they need and want and the results that they expect. The common disruptor to the medicine monopoly and big pharma is the very valid and legitimate information that has become super available through the internet. From the touch of a button vast amounts of excellent information has flooded the airways and into the homes of families searching for answers and results. This easy accessability to such credible information has empowered families to seek for and find new answers and better results through an alternative or natural approach. 
My answer in place of government run healthcare is to educate families. In place of seeing the doctor for the first signs of sickness we need to go back to the days when Mom or Dad took care of the sick kid first. Usually Mom helped nurse back to health the ill family member.  
There are far to many unnecessary doctor visits for sickness that could be treated at home. Not to be misunderstood, westernized medicine is top when it comes to emergency situations, but we score very very poorly with chronic disease, lifestyle disease, and truly being able to heal rather than just dampen symptoms. The simple solution.. Educate Moms and Empower Families to be self-reliant in non-emergency healthcare situations. This is why Dr. Nielsen created the Holistic Mom Academy.
Holistic Mom Academy - Salt Lake City, Utah November 18-19
We are very excited to announce the next Live Holistic Mom Academy will be held in the heart of the Rockies - Salt Lake City, Utah.  
The Nielsen Center 
355 N 300 W, STE 2, 
Salt Lake City, UT 84103
Friday November 18   
8:18am Registration begins  
9:00am - 6:00pm Day 1 of the Holistic Mom Academy
Saturday November 19
8:00am VIP gathering 
9:00am - 6:00pm Day 2 of the Holistic Mom Academy 
We Look Forward to You Being a Part of This Grand Event...
"As I said before and will continue to say over and over, it is the woman that is leading the charge in the health of the family. I have been practicing now for over 10 years and have come to a sure knowledge that Mom is keeping the health of the family in check. We must restore health back to the family unit by empowering the family through education and experience rather than relying so much upon medicine and drugs.
I strongly believe that it is time for women to reclaim the gifts, talents and innate abilities that have only been given to them. Trampled down by the world, beaten down by the system, and left to wander in wonder of the place the modern mother holds. Is there still bliss that simply comes from being a mom in these latter days?
I have a dream that women will arise and awaken to meet the burdensome challenges that are facing them as mothers, home healers and nurturers today. It is time to support each other to build up homes of order, peace, health and nourishment, and a home of self-reliance to shield and shelter families from the coming chaos, calamities, and storms of both those before us and those that we cannot see. When will you join so great a cause?"