Emotional Stress Release - ESR Seminar

Emotional Stress Release Basic/Intermediate Seminar

At the Emotional Stress Release (E.S.R) seminar you will learn:

  • How to perform a muscle test and apply it to find hidden and blocked emotions.

  • How to understand more fully what an emotion is and where they are stored.

  • The Science of muscle testing and why it works. 

  • How to identify when a person's energy is blocked and how to instantly unblock the person being tested. 

  • Learn the pulse portals and the body portals for releasing emotions. 

  • Learn the simple steps to precisely find unresolved emotions, reconcile the emotion, and release the stress of emotions. 

  • Walk away from this seminar with the ability to confidently help people release the stress of negative thoughts and emotions - including yourself.

Retail Cost $795.00

Bonus:  You will learn Personal ESR and how to clear emotions for yourself. 
By attending this seminar you will learn the professional techniques that are used everyday in a clinical setting.  Now is the time for more of us to make a difference in the holistic health and betterment of ourselves, family, friends, and community. 
You need to be there!
Dr. Brandon Lee Nielsen, D.C., N.M.D.